International Business Law
Due to the growing complexity of legal requirements and the internationalisation of markets, businesses are facing enormous challenges in a world of multilevel jurisdiction.
We Know Business.
We are dedicated to helping our business clients with their company’s legal issues. From drafting agreements and other documents to guiding you through complex (cross-border) transactions or litigation, Koehler & Ittner is a dedicated partner, striving to create lasting relationships to meet your immediate needs and assist your business with long-term planning.
Financial crisis, globalisation, regulations and increasing pressure to innovate and compete lead to new challenges. We support you and your company and provide solutions for incorporation, investment and succession related problems.
Advise, Accompany, Support, Promote.
For our national and international clients, Koehler & Ittner handles complex and demanding transactions. We counsel both public and private acquirers and targets, advising on a broad range of corporate matters. Also, comprehensive and sophisticated analysis provided at the right time is crucial for profitable investment and strategic alliance decisions, and a wellthought out due diligence program will increase the odds of success for your business. We can help you better determine the total value of your IP portfolio, uncover IP roadblocks that may alter the fate and value of your deal, and devise strategic options for achieving your objectives. Services include:
  • Launching your business in Germany
  • Contract litigation
  • Business transactions
  • Cross-border and international mergers and acquisitions
  • Private equity and strategic investments
  • Spin-offs and split-ups
  • Securities offerings and other capital-raising transactions
  • Licensing and distribution agreements
Whether you are looking at an IT solution or outsourcing for cost savings, enhanced performance, competitive advantage, or refocusing company resources, we can help.
We Are Committed to Your Ideas.
Equipped with business and technical understanding and innovative thinking, Koehler & Ittner can provide the depth and breadth of experience to help you in all aspects of the purchase, procurement, development, implementation, and use of technology in business. As your business grows, you may also want to grant other businesses the right to license or distribute your brand name or products in Germany or the European Union. Koehler & Ittner can help you develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to extend your business internationally through a licensing agreement or a distribution agreement that is in line with your business plan and protects your intellectual property. Properly drafted licensing and distribution agreements can help propel your business to the next level. Licensing and distribution are important components to use your intellectual property to safely make money. We use our knowledge and experience in the field of business law to help you establish the necessary agreements for your business. Corporate
Koehler & Ittner offers one-stop solutions for all matters relating to capital
markets and finance.
More than Advice: Representing Your Interests.
Our financing practice is an integral part of our Corporate Department and connects with our capital markets practice. Our innovation and leadership enable clients to meet their most important objectives. Many of our financings extend across multiple national borders, and we are experienced in solving the complex issues that arise in multinational situations.
Real Estate
Credit crunch, financial crisis and low interest rates have changed the economic environment for institutional and private investors alike. Due to comparatively modest real estate prices, there is an increasing demand for real estate properties in Germany. Berlin especially remains the most affordable Western European capital and offers an incomparable standard of living and excellent conditions for doing business.
A Strong Dedication to Service.
If you are interested in purchasing an apartment or any other type of real estate in Germany, Koehler & Ittner can provide advice regarding every aspect of your acquisition including tax matters. Our clients include both individuals and companies involved in the acquisition of commercial and residential properties. Due to our strong professional network—including tax advisors, financial consultants and real estate agents—we provide clients with a comprehensive legal and financial consultation and creative, practical solutions for individual real estate investments. We will work with you to provide a full range of corporate real estate services, including property acquisitions, developments, and redevelopments; leasing disposition and contract negotiations with real estate providers; financing arrangements; and supply agreement negotiations.
Business Immigration
Germany has the strongest economy in Europe. It offers a stable infrastructure and the largest market in the European Union and is therefore very attractive for companies, investors, entrepreneurs and employees alike. We provide fast and widespread consulting to foreign companies and entrepreneurs that plan to establish their business in Germany. Based on our vast experience and strong network, we can provide prompt and value-added services to investors and entrepreneurs.
To whom we offer advice:
  • Foreign investors, companies and entrepreneurs wishing to set up a regional branch in Germany
  • University graduates who want to stay in Germany, work here or form a business
  • Highly qualified employees
Services include:
  • Initial consulting and information about establishing a business in Germany
  • Information on self-employment according to sec. 21 of the Residence Law (Aufenthaltsgesetz)
  • Consultation with employers regarding the hiring of foreign citizens
  • Initial applications and extensions of various residence permits (by the Foreigners‘ Authority)
  • Private equity and strategic investments
  • Spin-offs and split-ups
  • Information on financing and funding measures
  • Forming a German company